Friday, April 17, 2009

X Havanna Biennial, Proyecto Circo, 2009


"Gluttony", 2009

During this performance the artist eats several watermelons, the process is done in a violent and wild form until the artist pukes. She then moves on and invite the public to eat with her.
Metaphorically the piece speaks about unnecessary expenses, about the uncontrolled consumerism of food and products to which we expose our bodies and that finishes mining our health. It alludes also to the barbarism of the consumption that is destroying the planet and our environment. Makes references to the relation between the process and our responsability about it.

Licking myself, 2009

This video performance, five minutes long, shows the artist in a room naked licking herself. While the artist immitaed animals behaviour, the piece talks about being more in touch with nature in the world of health and also about each person responsability about their own health. She debates the complexity of health issues from a wide spectrum that includes the social, the cultural, the phisical and the mental.
Time: 5 min.

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oscar said...

Hola Rosa,
soy Oscar Canarias-Galicia...Habana,
te queda claro!? ;)
nada que queria enviarte las fotos de tu performance y no tengo tu email.
aunque ya veo que ya tienes varias.
pues si quieres te mando mas.
te mando un abrazo desde tu isla anyway.

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