Monday, July 4, 2016

Dark secret, 2016

This project is the second presentation of the piece Trapos sucios that took place in Spain in 2015. Here is the background on it. Next presentation in Toronto.

When we use the expression “Trapos sucios” in Spanish it relates in one hand to dirty clothes and in the other to secrets…secrets that you do not want anybody to know. The first presentation of this piece in Spain denounce the 1289 rapes that take place in the country every year and that have been communicated to the police and certified for a doctor. The experts believe that they are much more and that this number do not reflect the reality.
The silence of all the women that for different reasons (shame, guilt, pain, fear…) could not make a complaint is broken by the ones that can make it. Al over the world this negligible actions take place without a real outcry, hidden under the wait of hundreds of years of patriarchy.
Trapos sucios bring to the streets the secret keep in our societies, the secret of a terrible violence against women through the act of the rape. Trapos sucios take the streets to demand to the society to deal with this old and terrible form of violence, to be more aware of this serious problem and more action from our goverments to end once for all with this horrible practice.

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