Saturday, September 3, 2016

Project: Hidden hand, 2016: Missing

 Missing is the first of a number of projects dedicated to bring to public awareness the role of women in different communities all over the world. The public intervention consists in posting all over a town(in this case Hamilton) posters of a woman, asking if anybody knows who she is. A web site with an explanation about each woman is provided. The project serve as a way to generate awareness about important women in their communities as well as to have a statistic about how much people in the community really know about their existence and achievements. The idea is to open up a dialogue about why women work has gone unrecognized or underestimated and if there has been changes in this situation in the last decades.

Missing, 2016

 In this piece to be realize in Hamilton Ontario on October 11th the female character will be Elizabeth Catherine Bagshaw, physician (b near Cannington, Ont 18 Oct 1881; d at Hamilton, Ont 5 Jan 1982). She had a successful 60-year medical practice after graduating from University of Toronto (MB) in 1905, but is best known for her 30 years as medical director of the Hamilton Birth Control Clinic. Cheerful and courageous, she accepted the post in 1932 despite opposition from medical colleagues and local clergy and worked with dedicated volunteers to provide Hamilton women with inexpensive and reliable contraceptives. Bagshaw received numerous honours throughout her long life, including an honorary doctorate from McMaster. 

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